Tuesday 23rd February 2016

2016 Kicks Off

Athletics half day, Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Athletics half day, Tuesday 23rd February 2016

At our first formal assembly of the year we acknowledged a large number of students who received Excellence Certificates in NCEA Level 1 and 2. Once again, overall results surpassed all previous years with an exceptional number of Level 3 Excellence Certificates and University Entrance passes. We have much to celebrate when we reflect on such outstanding results and the boys should be proud of their achievements and the diligence required to get them there.

The boys have made an excellent start so far and classes are settled and industrious. The warm weather has played a role in getting the boys outside during the breaks where they are making new friends and becoming reacquainted with old ones.  A good atmosphere exists around the college and I am pleased to see so many boys supporting each other, not only in their successes, but also in their challenges, especially at the athletics sports.

McGlashan parents are hugely supportive of college activities which adds strength to the foundations of our rich and vibrant community. This was very evident on the Year 9 Rail Trail with a significant number of parents helping boys and staff along the way. 

We have a great diversity of personality and talent amongst our boys; their energy and curiosity about the world around them creates a highly productive school culture and inspires us to be better teachers. 

I would like to welcome eight new teachers to the college this year and congratulate them on bringing the average age of the staff down a little …

Mr Peter McCall  - English and Social Studies

Mr Nick Price  - Te Reo

Ms Annie Lucas - Spanish

Mr Tim Marshall - Physics and Science

Ms Anna Trenberth - Year 8 homeroom teacher

Ms Jess Ross - Year 7 homeroom teacher

Mr Adam Facer - Mathematics

Mr Pete Bowler - Teacher Aid

The scene is set for a fantastic year.

I encourage all boys to set some targets for 2016 by having written academic, personal and co-curricular aspirations for the year. Perhaps you could make time to discuss their goals so that they can clarify exactly where they are heading in the near future.

Thank you for your support.

Neil Garry