McGlashan Alumni has a strong presence on the new College website

Monday 12th August 2019

McGlashan Director of Marketing and Development, Kirstyn Mawdsley and CORE Development have done an outstanding job in completing a major overhaul of the College website. It is fresh and easy to navigate.

John Guthrie, the recently appointed Alumni Relations Manager, says that it is a milestone.  Easy communication is so important in this day and age he said.

If you check out the website you will see that the main menu items are: Distinguished Old Collegians, Events, News, and Old Collegians History.

The Distinguished Old Collegians takes you to those Old Collegians who have been inducted into the Distinguished Old Collegians Hall of Fame. This award was started in 2012 to acknowledge those Old Boys who have made a difference in their community and/or the McGlashan community. Every year the Old Collegians Association will induct 2 Old Collegians. The OCA calls for nominations by 1 October each year – send to Neal Wallace email: 

In 2019 Dr Alec Borrie and Dr Simon Rowley were inducted. Click on Distinguished Old Collegians on the website to see their stories.

Under events you will find information on any events that are being run by the OCA, Old Boys groups, Old Boys class reunions, and events run by the College that are of interest to Old Boys. If you are interested in an event or are thinking about having a class reunion feel free to contact John Guthrie for information and assistance.

Under news you will find just about anything you wanted to know about McGlashan but were afraid to ask. This includes Alumni newsletters – the plan is to publish an electronic newsletter at least 3 times a year – so a good idea to keep your email address current! We will also have stories on Old Boys around the world – you don’t have to split the atom to feature in this section, just an interesting story. The success of this section will be dependent on people sending in stories to

This section will also take you to news from McGlashan – including links to the College’s excellent newsletter the Pilkington Press. In due course we are hoping to include articles of interest from staff on education etc.

Old Collegians History takes you back to where it all began. Neal Wallace’s overview of the history from the Old Collegians’ perspective is excellent and nicely complements the outstanding full history of the College he wrote for the Centenary in 2018 – ‘An Educated Man – 100 Years of John McGlashan College' (available for purchase via