Monday 18th November 2019

Back to School made Easy with OfficeMax

It is expected that all student will arrive at school in 2020 with their stationery already purchased.

To make going Back to School easy for you we have teamed up with OfficeMax MySchool and have our stationery lists loaded onto Buying is easy, simply follow the instructions below. You can shop online or download a copy of the required stationery to take with you. These lists will be available from 1st December 2019.

Please note that the current lists are only available through OfficeMax.  Each year the stationery list can differ a little and we have had students turn up with stationery from an outdated list, supplied by other stationery suppliers.

To Order your 2020 Stationery from myschool go to the website at

  • Type in the name of the school, click start.
  • Enter Name and year level of student.
  • Select the Year level and subjects (note: years 7 & 8 have no subject’s lists).For other years click on as many subjects as required.
  • At the bottom of the page click view requirements.

Each subject will display a list of requirements. You are now able to edit or delete items as required.

This can then be printed to take with you, or added to the shopping cart and ordered online through OfficeMax.

Order your stationery online in December and you can choose when to pay and when to receive your order. You have 3 options:

Pay now and receive now

Pay now and receive in January

Pay in January and receive in January

OfficeMax MySchool make Back to School easy for you with:

Free Delivery - for orders over $46.00

Happy Holidays