Sunday 11th September 2016

Year 8 and 9 students show off their investigative scientific skills.

Science Fair - Aidan Hung
Science Fair - Aidan Hung

With baking soda volcanoes firmly on the banned list and anything to do with drinking energy drinks coming perilously close too, the year 8 and 9 science students were challenged to think outside of the box and come up with some fresh ideas for the 2016 science fair. The challenged was accepted and the challenge was executed!

Novel projects presented this year included Hamish Ross’s work on whether or not you can induce yawning, Josh Hou’s research into sugar content of school lunches versus decile level and Charlie Grey’s investigation into airflow within a model foundry.

Twenty students from the McGlashan fair were selected to present at the Otago fair held in the Otago Museum. Between them they won a staggering total of 30 prizes. In addition to this was the Otago Institute Award for General Excellence (a premier prize) won by Aidan Hung for his project on plastic micro beads. The following students all won prizes at the Otago Fair: Zachary Bowmar, Tom Crawford, Noah Coutts, Billy Ellwood, Matthew Ford, Charlie Grey, Ben Guilford, Ned Hancox, Alex Hopgood, Josh Hou, Aidan Hung, Daniel Lund, Robert Millar, Will Morshuis, Tom Procter, Hamish Ross, Dan Kunac

Science Fair - Hamish Ross
Sciene Fair - Zac Bowmar
Scinence Fair
Science Fair - Robert Millar
Science Fair - Alex Hopgood
Science Fair - Aidan Hung
Science Fair - Josh Hou