Thursday 13th August 2020

At the staff meeting this morning, there was a sense of deja vu as the information leading us into Level 2 sounded very much like the briefing I gave on our return to school from lockdown a few months ago.

Staff were reminded of the basic principles of distancing, hand hygiene and staying away if unwell and we will be reinforcing this message with the boys. We all must take individual responsibility for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Unfortunately, moving up and down the levels is going to be part of our existence in the medium term. 

One of our main priorities at the moment is to care for our international students. The presence of these boys adds to the diversity of our school and they are a big part of our community. If they go home over the summer they may be unable to re-enter New Zealand. New international enrolment applications for 2021 are also stacking up with no mechanism currently available for getting these students into the country. Hopefully, the government will create a pathway for entry early next year. 

Earlier this week we hosted 200 Timaru Boys’ High School students at a winter interschool sports day. The sun shone and both schools enjoyed competitive sport, some good food and comradery. I was impressed with the tenacity and competitive spirit displayed and anticipate that this event will continue as one of our traditional inter-school events. 

Senior boys are building to their end of year exams. Classes are settled and many boys are using the tutorial systems to add further value to their learning. Once again, I want to acknowledge the staff for the lengths they go to to ensure that the boys get the best teaching available, especially in these unpredictable times. 

Our Open Night and afternoon, and pre-enrolment school tours have been a recent focus. Over 650 people attended these events. Boarder enrolments for 2021 have been confirmed and day boy applications close on the 15 August. 

Chairperson Pen Edmond and the Parents and Friends' Association are toiling away in preparation for our annual fete on 12 September. This festive community day is eagerly anticipated and enables us to generate significant funds, enhancing the opportunities we provide for the boys. It is equally valuable to see our supportive and dynamic community in action, and we look forward to seeing you at this event. 

Best regards, 

Neil Garry 

Cross Country