Wednesday 28th March 2018

Year 12 students Samuel Leaper and Ben Porter jump into the world of professional theatre. We hear in their own words what it's like being chosen as a Fortune Theatre Ambassador.

Samuel Leaper and Ben Porter - Fortune Theatre Ambassadors 
Samuel Leaper and Ben Porter - Fortune Theatre Ambassadors 

Ben Porter and I were lucky enough to be selected to become Fortune Theatre Ambassadors for 2018. Having this opportunity enables us to see what goes on behind the scenes in developing a professional theatre production. We get to meet with several key members of the current production team, such as the stage manager, set designer, costume designer and many more. 

We were introduced to the Fortune Theatre production team during their first meeting of the 2018 season at their rehearsal rooms at King Edward Court. We were lucky enough to hear about the collaboration from the production team as a whole and witness the relationships and ideas develop before them. Following that, Michael Hurst who is probably best known internationally for playing Iolaus in the television program “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” had the first read-through of the play “An Iliad.”  

We are looking forward to more behind-the-scenes sessions and then seeing this show in the last week of the term with our entire senior drama class, which will then be followed by a forum with cast and crew members.