International Department happenings in Term 3

Monday 12th September 2016

DISC International Social, Speech New Zealand Exams and an International Morning Tea - it's been a busy term for the International Department.

On Saturday 10th September, students from Taieri College, Otago boy's, Columba College and John McGlashan College went ice skating at the Dunedin Ice Stadium.   We had a fantastic time skating around on the ice with the girls and boys from different schools.  Afterwards, we went to Chopsticks 101 on George Street for dinner together.  The food was great and it was nice to meet people from different schools.  A big thanks to Sue Medary from Columba College for organising the social.  We look forward to the next social in Term 4 which will be the last one this year.  

by Trevor Au

On Monday (all day) and Tuesday afternoon, Pauline Douglas from Speech New Zealand to assess 22 students'  speech exams. There was a wide range of levels, all the way from Foundation to Advanced. The topics were very different. They ranged from 'My Holiday to China', to 'Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton'.  We had a very nice international morning tea in the library which Mr Mountain organised.  There were cakes, biscuits, lots of drinks, cookies and sausage rolls.  Thank you to Mrs. Garry who allowed it to happen.  After a morning tea, our speech exams continued.

A big thank you to Mrs. Anne Switzer (student teacher) for helping and supporting us through the whole term. Without her we probably wouldn't have been able to work that fast and able to finish in time. Also, a big thank you to Mrs Pauline Douglas for coming to John McGlashan College and assessing our speech exams.

OCESOL has been a great experience for us and also a good chance to see where we are within our different English levels.  

by Rix Chung, Daniel Shen and Joe Mu

(Left to Right) Shana and Trevor Au (China), Seongwoo Kim (South Korea), Anson Peng (Hong Kong) at the international social.
Min Jeong (South Korea) talked about why he came to New Zealand and also about the Auckland housing crisis.
Pauline Douglas from Speech New Zealand with Bryant Wang (China) (Left) and Nick Worathongchai (Thailand) (Right)
IB student Chia-Fu Hsu (Taiwan) speaks about the repercussions of the recent North Korean nuclear test for his Advanced speech exam.
Left to right: Seongwoo Kim (Korea), Trevor and Shana Au (Hong Kong)