House Singing-an annual highlight!

Sunday 13th August 2023

Mamma Mia! Who would have thought an ABBA song would be the top house song in a very close and entertaining competition?!

Last Friday afternoon marked a harmonious convergence of talent and unity as the four houses gathered for the eagerly awaited annual house singing competition. With the potential to influence the final standings of the 2023 house competition, the event was an electrifying showcase of musical prowess and camaraderie.

In a remarkable demonstration of teamwork, each house carefully selected their own song to perform collectively. The challenge of coordinating over 100 boys to deliver flawless renditions of either timeless classics or contemporary hits, such as those by Taylor Swift or ABBA this year, cannot be understated. The commendable efforts of every participant deserve special recognition, with heartfelt gratitude extended to the house leaders and dedicated staff who orchestrated this impressive musical spectacle.

The second half of the event brought a new dimension to the stage, as each house unveiled their own band to perform a chosen song. The showcased talents were nothing short of extraordinary, captivating the audience and leaving an indelible mark of entertainment. These performances not only highlighted musical skill but also showcased the passion and dedication that our students bring to every endeavor.

As the sun began to set, the final notes of the day resonated throughout the chapel, enveloping the entire school community in the familiar melody of "Take Me Home, Country Roads." A staple of every singing competition, this heartwarming moment brought the entire school together, uniting voices in a powerful chorus that echoed far beyond the chapel walls.

The evaluation of the performances fell upon the discerning ears of Samuel Leaper and Alex Martyn, our esteemed judges for the event. Acknowledging the outstanding calibre of all four houses, their task of selecting winners was undoubtedly challenging. In the end, Balmac secured a commendable fourth place, Burns claimed the third spot, Ross was second, and the triumphant first place was awarded to Gilray.

This victory for Gilray not only celebrates their remarkable achievement in the singing competition but also solidifies their lead as they prepare for the upcoming Haka competition. The momentum gained from this win promises to fuel their determination and set the stage for an exciting and competitive series of events.

The stage is now set for the remainder of the 2023 house competition, and the legacy of unity and excellence displayed during this event will undoubtedly resonate throughout the challenges and celebrations that lie ahead.