An international bowling alley reflection

Wednesday 18th May 2022

A few days ago, comical laughter rang across the empty vastness of a bowling alley, the laughter induced from mere joy expressed by the international students!

We had about two dozen students altogether and we visited Bowline, which is very surprisingly well known for their bowling activities. Obviously, it was fun, though I did not get many points let alone strikes, we can safely conclude that the international students are absolutely cracked at bowling! Honestly, why don’t we have a competitive bowling team already? We will straight up destroy our opponents. After most of the bowling, we had a few goes at the punching bag strength test. Some of our students made multiple high scores on the machine! Not only are we good at bowling, we are jacked!! The excitement arose and it is without doubt that we had a fun afternoon at the premises. After the intrinsic joy we had so happily endeavoured, we decided to stimulate our taste buds with some Mexican food. Yes, that’s right, we went to an absolutely spot-on Mexican restaurant to have dinner. It was a gloomy night with rain sloshing relentlessly, and our tongues were deliciously tortured with jalapeño, how contrasting! (or was I the only one who thought that eating whole peppers was a good idea?) Aaaaaanyways, after consuming our food, it was dark and dusky. We then traveled back to John McGlashan, and that was just about when the boarders were having supper, so the environment was still all hyped up! It was rather a transcendental experience, especially for me as I have rarely tried Mexican food, and the bowling was great fun! However, this experience would have never been possible without the school’s hosting of the event. So, I would like to thank Ms. Noble, Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. Nicholl and Mr. Gary for this amazing opportunity. 

Written by Harold Gao - International Prefect 

Waiting for the food - patiently. 
More expertise from Reverend Nicholl. 
Just about a professional bowler. 
Reverend Nicholl passes on his expertise. 
International students enjoying themselves. 
The main thing is to look cool!
Not all techniques are the same. 
Action shot.