Friday 12th June 2015

Its life within the Special Character of our College.  

We are nearly half way through the year and it seemed timely to report to families about how the new look C.E. and Chaplaincy is going.

This year we began a new way of managing the programme. We moved from a predominately chaplain lead programme to a team approach. In fact the chaplain does no teaching but instead is in support of the teachers. As chaplain I lead Chapel each Friday along with special services throughout the year I am also part of the student support team and works alongside the counsellor where suitable. Support of the staff in a pastoral sense is also a high priority along with being on the boarding committee as a proprietor/chaplain.

The College is very blessed in the calibre and dedication its teachers and this is very evident in our C.E. teachers. This year we have Messrs Bruce James and Stewart McDonald and Doctors Jennifer McLeod and Craig Preston. Normally they would be involved in subjects like physics, PE, music, agriculture, health, economic and science. However each day they also find themselves in front our classes from year 7 through to year 12 teaching C.E.

Jennifer McLeod is also being paid .2 by the Presbyterian Church to develop resources. This is something she is experienced at and Jen will be speaking at our Church School conference later in the year. Craig also is nationally recognised and will be chairing and presenting in the area of pastoral theology at the Systematic Theology Conference in Auckland. Interestingly,  recently I witnessed that same person teaching year 7 lads and he was so engaging, appropriate and down to earth. Our C.E. teachers are continuing to work to fine tune the curriculum and we have appreciated being able to share resources with St Andrew’s and St Kendigern’s Colleges.

On a personal note I have really appreciated being included in many parent occasions for example the recent year 7 parent breakfasts that the Principal has initiated. It is great to be able to meet up with folks at such events.  Meanwhile your lads know where to find me and when I am at school,  or you could email should you have any questions. Happy to chat any time.

Rev Barry