Monday 5th November 2018

As school draws to a close and the 2019 prefects are announced, it is time to reflect on the student leadership team’s year. The prefects’ presence around the college has felt significantly higher than in previous years, and each student has had an active role in the McGlashan community.

 Tom Shallard, Matthew Fokkens, and Andrew Hughes
 Tom Shallard, Matthew Fokkens, and Andrew Hughes

Even in exam season, when motivation seems to become scarce, the prefects have maintained a positive environment that fosters hard work and perseverance. It has been a great privilege to watch our peers grow from boys into men who are comfortable leading and teaching others. We have also witnessed the coming-of-age of many boys younger than us during our time at the College, and we would like to think that, no matter how unlikely, we may have played a minor role in their development towards becoming a gentleman.

Despite Term 4 only consisting of 2 weeks for students sitting NCEA or IB exams, there has still been a lot packed in. The teachers vs. students tug-o-war was a tough battle, only marginally won by the teachers in conditions that some may say were unfavourable to the students. Between final class revision and setting up the Davies Sports Centre, the school campus with alive with a flurry of activity and a jovial mood set in. Classes were then packed up and boys were sent on their merry way out into the warm weather, which will hopefully motivate boys to study.

Additionally, it is this time each year when the Year 7 classes spend a week at Berwick Camp, completing activities such as kayaking and abseiling. The Year 7 ‘Friday Form Time’ prefects (Jack Pacey, Andrew Hughes, Matthew Fokkens) travelled out for a day to become one with nature and end their secondary education where they began. Berwick is a place of laughter and challenges, and aiding the young men in their different activities reminded the prefects of all the time they spent at McGlashan, and the memories that you create while attending the school. We encourage everyone to enjoy what they are doing right now, rather than looking forward to the ‘next big thing.’ Work hard, play hard, and be present.

Thank you to all of our teachers for our 5-7 years of education. We are unbelievably grateful, and we feel that we have been set up well for the rest of our lives. Some of our fondest memories occurred within the walls of this campus, and we’ll remember all the good times and the bad.

For the Prefects Pew 2018, this has been Matthew Fokkens, Andrew Hughes, and Tom Shallard.

Tom Shallard, Matthew Fokkens, and Andrew Hughes.