Wednesday 27th November 2019

Thanks to support of the Parents and Friends Association, we have access to over 2,500 eBooks and eAudio books via Wheelers ePlatform.

A whole world of reading anytime, anywhere - over 2,500 eBooks and eAudio books via Wheelers ePlatform.

Check out our new collection of eBooks and eAudio books on Wheelers ePlatform. Download the ePlatform app for your phone, iPad or tablet from the App Store, Google Play or Microsoft, or borrow books directly from the website on your laptop. You can also search our library Web App to see eBooks and eAudio books alongside our other library resources. As well as having a great selection of new contemporary titles, you can read or listen to some of the classics and new titles are added every month. We really love the benefits the eLibrary provides for readers with specific reading needs - you can choose to listen to an eAudio book or change the display settings for an eBook to make the text easier to read. Getting started is easy - just download the free ePlatform app, find the John McGlashan College Library, and sign in. All junior boys will be given a bookmark in their SHRIMP packs with the login details and password but they can talk to our library staff if they have any questions. Please make sure you only click Borrow for books you are intending to read or listen to. If a book is already issued, you can place a reserve or save it for later so that you can come back to it when you're ready.

Let's get reading!