Deep Learning from the Master of Ceremonies

Thursday 10th June 2021

Speaking in public is an art form, it needs to be taught, not caught!

The students in the Year 11 Deep Learning (STAGE) Programme have been learning about the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication.  They have been practicing improvisation speech making as well as techniques in how to actively listen to a speech.  Giving feedback to the speaker has also been a feature to their learning.

Public speaking, presenting at a large business meeting or even to small groups can be daunting for many people.  The ability to speak well in a public forum is an essential skill.

We recently engaged the services of Mr. Craig McGregor, a Toast Master, and a Business and Speech coach from Dunedin, who's accolades include: 

  • Semi Finalist World Championship of Public Speaking, Orlando USA 2012.

  • Gold Medal - NZ Champion International Prepared Speech Competition - Dunedin 2012. 

Craig McGregor had the students fully engaged and enwrapped in his message about the four F's of evolution (Fight, Flight, Food and Function) as they all relate to what your conscious and unconscious mind is telling your body when you prepare to speak in public.  

Love, fear, life, body parts, sports, blood, death, family, and Tigers in tents were covered in-depth in an emotive 10 minute presentation to the students.

We also made use of his book: "How to save the World, one question at a time." It is the essential book of questions for all ages. 1408 questions, broken in 17 chapters with thought provoking questions that get you thinking.  This book can be purchased in physical or digital formats via Craig's website below.  Student volunteers were given a question to answer in 90 seconds - with some hilarious results.

The skills learned this week should equip the students of the Deep Learning (STAGE) programme for a long time to come.  We are looking forward to Craig's return visit at the end of this month.

Craig McGregor
Business Adviser - Quantum Leap
Speaking and Presentation Coach
+64 (0) 27 289 4084 or +64 03 477 4084

Craig Mcgregor Bio 2021
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