Year 10 Camp: Mountain Biking

Friday 9th December 2022

I always look forward to the year 10 camps, especially these optional ones where the boys get more of a choice as to what they do.

We only had eight boys sign up for MTB this year which is less than half the normal contingency. Anyway, the trip didn't start well with one boy testing positive for Covid that is and his dad who was the sole parent helper was taken out of the equation as well. Damn! Anyway, Mr Cartwright stood in at the very last minute and along with Mr Clark and six boys and all our gear we squashed ourselves into our van and headed to our base at Bannockburn.Despite some average weather over the next few days we managed to get over to Queenstown, Wanaka, Alexandra and Clyde for a good variety of riding, from the fast flow of Sphinx track at Butchers Dam to the steep rock ngarlyness of Linger and Die on Clyde hill and all this with minimal injuries incurred. Always a real risk and best avoided.Thanks to everyone involved including the boys who all pushed their skills to the limits and got to see some pretty amazing bits of NZ they might not normally experience. Thanks also to Clarkey and Hamish. Good times.