Wednesday 1st April 2015

We are delighted to have Ned Ennion-Dickison, Philip Plant, and Joseph Corbett as Fortune Ambassadors for John McGlashan College in 2015. 

The first rehearsal of Fortune Theatre's  "The War Play"
The first rehearsal of Fortune Theatre's  "The War Play"

Over the year the boys will develop a good understanding of all the different creative processes that go into putting a professional theatre production on its feet and what a career in theatre could look like. 

They will have the opportunity to get inside the rehearsal room to see the rehearsal process in action, talk with the actors, directors and stage managers and interview costume, set, sound and lighting designers. 

The Ambassadors are then responsible for sharing their experiences at the theatre with their fellow students and the wider community by writing reviews, posting photos and videos, talking about the shows on Otago Access Radio and promoting theatre at their schools. We are excited to have the boys with us at the theatre this year.

Production Designer Peter King
In a brand new play that blurs the line between the real and the imaginary, playwright Philip Braithwaite searches for answers about his great uncle, Jack Braithwaite, who was in WW1. 
Actors Jonathan Martin and Ben Van Leir, during the first cast reading and rehearsal of "The War Play".