Wednesday 14th August 2019

Networking, networking, networking. The most important skill we can have is the ability to network.

Opening Day - 1918
Opening Day - 1918

Most of the people reading this spent a number of years at McGlashan building a foundation for their lifelong networks.  Many people hear the word 'alumni' and immediately think fundraising but to me this initiative to liven up the McGlashan network is as much about networking as anything else.  To be fair the Old Boys community hasn't rushed to their wallets (nor have they been asked to a lot), but at the right times the right people have stepped up.  McGlashan Old Boys have been fantastic in giving of their time on many Boards and committees.  I've stayed involved for many years, not because I hanker after the good (or bad) old days but because of my friendships with people like Mike Corkery and Neil Garry - great Principals - and the outstanding people around the Boards of Proprietors and Trustees tables over the years.

Engaging with our networks is important for us all.  Engaging with the College is both important and rewarding.  Engaging is not just about the money it can also be about mentoring students.  As I walk around the school I see so many good things going on. I see so many good things that the Old Boys have played a major role in making happen - the Chapel, the boarding houses, the Edgar Learning Centre, the Davies Sport Centre.  I think as Old Boys we need to continue to do this.  I've got some ideas that I will share with you in the next newsletters.

I hope you enjoy this edition and send in good stories for the next ones!