Year 12 Biology Fishing Field Trip

Wednesday 27th March 2024

As part of their NCEA studies the Year 12 Biologists went on a fishing expedition out of Moeraki to collect data for a practical investigation internal and two other internals.

Recently the Year 12 Biology students embarked on an exciting biology field trip to study marine ecology first-hand. Equipped with fishing rods, measuring tools, and a thirst for knowledge, the students set sail from Moeraki early on a sunny Autumn day, aiming to collect data for a practical investigation. The key goal was to assess the health of the local blue cod population and collect information for two other internal assessments.

Led by the experienced crew from Ezifish charters the students departed for their scientific expedition. Despite facing fairly heavy seas, the students remained undeterred, ready to tackle the challenges of fishing in the open water.

Despite their best efforts, the students caught significantly fewer fish than anticipated. Only 63 measurable blue cod were caught compared to >120 in 2022. Other fish caught included red cod, wrasse, Jock Stewarts, sand sharks and a single terakihi. Undeterred by the low catch, they remained focused on collecting valuable data for their assessments. The students managed the increasing swell and wind well with few students this year experiencing seasickness. The class were looking at head/eye ratio as a predictor of length of blue cod for their practical investigation as a tool for measuring fishery health. Back on land, they are now meticulously analysing their findings, drawing conclusions about the validity of using head/eye ratio as a predictor of length of blue cod and thus the overall fishery health. It will be interesting to see if the decline in numbers was a one-off as a result of conditions of the day or part of a long term trend. Thanks very much to Mr Gomez who assisted us on the day.