Careers & Subject Selection 2024 Update

Thursday 7th September 2023

Making informed decisions about subject & career choices

We are building the timetable for 2024; we need student subject choices ASAP so that we know which subjects we should be offering (and avoid potential clashes) so that students are more likely to get what they want.

Refer to the form emailed by Chris Knopp.

Once we have built the timetable, we will be able to present the subject lines for final subject selections

Note: If you are interested in the IBDP, please indicate so on the first question of the subject selection form regarding Qualification Pathway (If you are equally likely to consider IB or NCEA, please select IB at this stage).  Also, make sure you indicate "Definitely or Probably" on the second question when asked "How likely are you to take the IB Diploma Programme next year?"

You can edit any subject choices that you have already submitted recently. Get any choices/changes completed by 10 September.

Some dates that you need to be aware of:

  • 20 September: Career interviews with Year 11 students
  • 19 October: Career interviews with Year 12 students
  • 26 October: Agribusiness Information seminar 6pm in the ELC
  • 26 October: Course selection evening 7pm in the ELC
  • 1 & 2 November: Career interviews with Year 10 students

The Agribusiness Information seminar is for parents of year 11 students who want to know more about the Agribusiness course within NCEA.

The Course Selection evening is for students and parents to meet with curriculum HODs, course co-ordinators to discuss timetable and subject selections for next year.

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Course Information Weebly

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Year 11 Deep Learning Programme

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For more information about Agribusiness, click the link:

Agribusiness Information