Thursday 10th March 2022

As part of the Senior Health modules, all Year 11-13 boys have four sessions from the presenters of Mates and Dates over the next four weeks.

Mates & Dates is a best practice, multi-year programme designed for NZ secondary school students across years 9-13 to promote safe, healthy and respectful relationships.

Each module has five key themes:

• healthy relationships

• skills and consent

• identity, gender and sexuality

• when things go wrong

• keeping safe together

Mates & Dates is designed to not only increase knowledge and awareness of sexual and dating violence but to help to change attitudes and behaviours.

• The Mates & Dates programme aims to prevent sexual and dating violence by raising awareness and building on your students’ personal skills in ways that will be immediately useful both inside and outside of school.

• It will build your students’ ability to treat others with respect and to negotiate consent. The programme is also designed to build young people’s expectation that they will be treated with respect.

• Mates & Dates focuses on the social and emotional aspects of being in relationships as well as relating with others. It teaches young people how to have relationships based on respect, negotiation and consent. It will be relevant to all students, whether or not they are dating, because the skills taught can be used in all relationships from friendships to family/whānau to dating.