Thursday 10th June 2021

Our IBDP students demonstrate true global competencies by engaging in real-life global issues on a local level

This week we held our annual International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) showcase to celebrate the successful completion of the extended essay.

The extended essay of 4000 words is an in-depth study of a focused topic.  It is intended to promote academic research and writing skills, providing students with an opportunity to engage in personal research in a topic of their own choice. It is a major piece of formally presented, structured writing, in which ideas and findings are communicated in a reasoned and coherent manner.  

This year, the topics that the students researched were:

Kirkwood, Max
World Studies Topic: Balance between growth and respecting/enhancing environment.

Lobb, Oscar
World Studies Topic: Euthanasia and the affects on society

Tomita, Satoshi
World Studies Topic: Strategies and Policies to prevent Poverty

Shi, Vincent
Biology Topic: Long non-coding RNA and gene expression reconstruction that affects Alzheimer's disease

Sirisaowaluk, Nath
Biology Topic: Vaccine development: The consequences of "fast-tracking" vaccine development and the side effects on public health.

Oakley, Caleb
World Studies Topic: The decay of total sovereignty affecting international relations

Dohan, Ali
Psychology Topic: Love, Marriage and Divorce: Falling out of love

Dunn, Archie
Biology Topic: The effects of atrazine on amphibian gender

Graamans, Sam
World Studies Topic: Obesity in affluent countries

Nogami, Kotaro
Economics Topic: Unicorn companies and the required environment for entrepreneurs

Thinking Global, Acting Local
It is always an honour to work alongside young men who are mindful of their choices and actions on society. 

Well done gentlemen for the successful completion of this significant piece of work!