How to beat the heat on the first day of school?

Saturday 3rd February 2018

With the mercury set to reach 33 degrees on the first day back at school, our Year 8 class had a problem that needed to be solved.

Students were split into three groups; given a list of materials they could use and were asked to design a homemade ‘air-conditioner’.

Initially students needed to come up with their own design and be able to explain how it worked. They shared their design with a buddy and the partnership decided which design they wanted to go with. Each chosen design once again went through another selection process within their group. Once the group chose the design, they had to work together to construct the air conditioner and make any necessary modifications.

As the classroom temperature dropped to a more comfortable 21 degrees, word got out around the college that there was somewhere to go to get respite from the heat. As a result a number of heat weary students made it to our air -conditioned oasis over the lunch break confirming the success of the students’ designs.

We have kept the units in storage just in case they are needed again this year. However students have eagerly suggested modifications to improve the performance of their original units.