Friday 21st June 2019

The Annual Prepared Reading competition took place this term with eight very impressive finalists taking the stage.

Will Stevens  - Year 9 Prepared Reading 
Will Stevens  - Year 9 Prepared Reading 

Every student in Year 9 was tasked with selecting a piece of text to present in a prepared reading. The first challenge is to find a piece that is engaging, provides character and makes sense as a stand-alone story.  The second challenge is to utilise presentation techniques to bring the piece to life. Tone, speed, volume, pace and pause and all tools of the trade and the Year 9 students did not disappoint! 

All four classes were set the tough task of selecting two students to represent their class in the Annual Final. The following boys were selected as Year 9 Finalists:

Alex Seaton, Issac McConachie, Jack Howley, John Mengel, Joshua Jones, Liam Ruru, Luke von Melville and William Stevens.

Front Row: John Mengel (2nd), William Stevens (1st), Alex Seaton (3rd) Back Row: Our Judges Ms Mawdsley and Mrs Mullenger — Image by: Donna Smith

Our Judges Ms. Kirstyn Mawdsley and Year 9 Dean Ms. Mullenger were tasked with the very tricky challenge of determining which one of the eight outstanding readings would read the podium.

Our winning speaker, William Stevens, presented a particularly engaging reading, becoming a very convincing evil nemesis. Which really demonstrated the need for the boys to know their characters well so that they can bring them to life, rather than simply reading a script accurately.

A very big thank you to the judges for giving up their time for this event.