Toby Hope Hunting Competition

Friday 8th April 2022

Read Alice Scott's recent article in the ODT about the 2022 Toby Hope Hunting Competition

Overall Winners (Dougherty Family and Hope Family) – Jock Duncan, Toby Duncan, Ethan McSkimming and Adam McNab

2nd Place (Work Place First Aid) – Finn Aitken and Gus McSkimming

3rd Place (Hinton Family)– Bede O’Connell, Charlie Falconer, Matt Hanna, Paddy Kennedy

Top Stag (Hunting and Fishing and Liggett Family) – Taine Dyson, George Brenssell, Henri Fenn and Ben Barnett

Top Fellow (Joyce Contracting) – Lachie and Bayden Clearwater, Toby Poplawski

Top Pig (McNab Family) – Jack Timu, George Hancox, Archie McRae and Lachie Mackay

Top Possum (Cottier Family) – George Brenssell and Charlie Cockerill

Top Hare (Placemakers) – Jack Steele, Serge Meeuws, Harvey O’Neill, and Jock McMillian

Top Fish (Sangster Family) – Jed Crawford and Harry Martin

Mystery Animal Winner (Moyles Supermarket)– Geordie McDonald

Boar Jaw (Clearwater family) – William Light, Benji Dempster and Light

Dayboy Award (Milne Family) - Bede O’Connell, Charlie Falconer, Matt Hanna, Paddy Kennedy

Top Photo (Dyson Family) – Jed Holland

Additional Prizes

Flying Pig Award (Cottier Family)– Olly Perriam and Team

Smallest Fish (Farmlands) – Morris Gordon and Team

New Comer Award (Donaldson Family) – Rakai and Team

New Comer Award (Donaldson Family) – Chun, Riley McRae, Cory Wright and Will Hancox

Top Photo – (Kinmont Motors) – Billy Dougherty and Tom Duffy

Second Place deer size (Donaldson Family) – Josh Hagen and Mack Stevens

Best Photo of a Pig (Donaldson Family) Noah Clearwater, James Liggett, Carter Robertson Gray

Team Photo – (JJs) – Oliver King, Flynn McKenzie and Mac Sheppard

Photo Award (Donaldson Family) Sam Hancox, Lachie Sutherland, Logan Wither and Sam Eason

Pig Carry Photo (Donaldson Family) – Thomas Hinton

Photo Award (Farmlands) – Hunter Sutherland.

Group/Action Photo (Donaldson Family, Balance) Will Kara, Oscar Davenport, Jaxon Thompson and Simon and Richie Cavanagh.

Spot Prizes (JJs, Craigburn, Otago hunt club, Patagonia Chocolates, Farmlands, Wrights Honey, Hinton Family, Hope Family) – Everyone who didn’t get a prize

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors and to Nick Price and the Hope family for helping to organise this competition every year.


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