Year 8 student, Fletcher Tilyard, dazzles the airwaves with his new radio show

Tuesday 25th May 2021

'Fletcher's World' premiered a couple of weeks ago on Otago Access Radio and already it has a dedicated following.

Fletcher Tilyard recording his show 'Fletcher's World' down at OAR
Fletcher Tilyard recording his show 'Fletcher's World' down at OAR

I've been very fortunate to be able to work on this special radio project with Fletcher this year, focusing on one of his ultimate passions, radio. It has been an amazing experience to develop this programme from go to woah, coming up with creative ideas, designing the show, writing and recording, and ultimately listening to the finished episodes online and reflecting on our experiences. 

Fletcher Tilyard recording his show 'Fletcher's World' at OAR — Image by: Kimberley Fridd

During the weeks leading up to his first session down at OAR, Fletcher spent time researching radio history (something he's very knowledgeable on), we've listened to loads of different podcasts researching different radio shows and styles, we've created a radio jingle for his show using Soundtrap, and also got creative in Canva designing the advertising for his show (including a Fletcher's World logo and poster). 

Image by: Kimberley Fridd

In some of Fletcher's initial sessions down at Otago Access Radio, Fletcher toured the station and got to know the staff, before completing a studio training session. We are especially thankful to Domi and Arina from OAR who have been fantastic in helping train Fletcher to be able to work the studio control panel and record all by himself. The ultimate aim is for the OAR team to train Fletcher to edit his own show episodes. This sets up Fletcher for a possible career in radio in the future and gives him valuable radio experience. 

I asked Fletcher what he loves most about this project, he said:

"I love this project so much. I have had a passion for radio ever since I was in Year 5 at Columba College, and now I am getting to put my passion into action. I want to thank John McGlashan College for making this possible, and especially Ms Fridd and Ms Tolson for helping me along the way."

You can catch "Fletcher's World" at 4 pm every fortnight on 105.4FM or listen and download his podcast via the Fletcher's World webpage:

Image by: Kimberley Fridd