International Social hosted by John McGlashan College

Thursday 7th April 2016

On 4th of April, we hosted an amazing social event. Around 115 people attended and it was a great success.

The social started at 4:30, people started arriving and soon the field was full of people. Schools that attended were: Columba College, Bayfield High School, Otago Girls High School, Otago Boys High School, Queen’s High School, Logan Park High School, Taieri College and St Hilda’s.  When everybody had arrived the social began.

We started off with a questionnaire for people to go around and ask each other questions. Everybody start walking around and talking with each other and soon enough, people become friends with people they didn’t know few minutes before. After 30 minutes had passed we separated into 3 groups and started playing some sports like long ball, dodgeball, and tag, everybody was having fun.

At 6:30 when the sky was getting dark, finally Mr. Mountain finished with the BBQ and the feast began.  Everybody lined up and got their food. They were all disciplined and there was no cutting lines or fighting. When the sky was too dark to see, the social ended.

It was a very successful social and we hope we’ll have more socials like this, this year.  Thank you to the staff from other schools that came and helped and to Mr Mountain for organising it!

Min Jeong, Daniel Shen and Anson Peng
International students were encouraged to bring home stay brothers and sisters or a kiwi friend.
Nick Worathongchai - Thailand
Mrs Mawdsley from St Hilda's and Mr Mountain on BBQ duty.
Jo Mu - China
Min Jeong - South Korea
Girls from Brazil
A game of long-ball is about to begin
Peter Kim - South Korea
Larry Lee and Peter Kim - both from Korea
Charlie Geng from Hong Kong making new friends
A game of Tag