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Saturday 3rd March 2018

Recipients of the 100 & 200 Club award, as well as prefects and house leaders were recognised by the BOT, staff and parents at a recent function.

100 and 200 club award function
100 and 200 club award function

The highest possible award recognised by NZQA is the Excellence endorsement.  This is where a student gains 50 or more excellence credits in Level 1, 2 or 3.  However, the performance of many of our top students are so far above this bar that many years ago, the college introduced the 100 Club which set the bar at 100 or more credits.

This year, we had 24 boys meeting this standard at Level 1 and 2, with one individual actually gaining more than three times the NZQA requirement!  With boys increasingly valuing this recognition and relishing the competition that accompanies it, we have had to move the function to the chapel to cater for the larger numbers.

Students Jack Pacey and Boen Deng both addressed the gathering and spoke about the opportunities and responsibilities of contributing back to the college given their role of leaders in the school.

Names of prefects, house leaders, & scholars were published in the previous newsletter.

Assistant Principal, Chris Knopp, presents statistics on the 2017 scholars cohort
Board chair, Tim Hannagan, congratulates Jack Grey
Scholarship & Leadership Function