Parents and Friends Association 2015

Thursday 26th November 2015

A quick overview of the association's activities in 2015 and a good bye to our leaving members.

Tombola Items
Tombola Items

This enthusiastic group of parents meet once a month in the ELC to discuss ways to assist the school.

This year we have supported teachers and students with grants that include computer and exercise equipment, various travel expenses, library resources, text books, chess sets, Year 10 Arts Week, and even a pie warmer for the canteen.

Our major grant from the fete this year went to assisting with the upgrade of the audiovisual equipment in the chapel.

As the school year is closing we would like to thank the outgoing PFA members for their work.

Kirstin Keogh

Kirstin has been on the committee for seven years, three years of which she was treasurer, including running the fete financial team.

Pam Timms

Pam has been on the committee for seven years, where she has been secretary. Additionally, for the past five years, Pam has been on the fete sub-committee – running it for the past two years.

Lynley Offen

Lynley has been on the committee for five years and has managed the Otago Daily Times’s advertising for the past three years. Lynley has also been an important helper in the background for the fete and is always looking for ways to assist.

Nicola Pinfold

Nicola has been on the committee for five years and has worked on the fete.

Fiona Tillotson

Fiona has been on committee for two years and has worked on the fete.

These parents have made a huge contribution to school life and we will miss them.

We would also like to thank Jane Davis (board member), Neil Garry (Principal) and Rachael Gardiner (teacher representative) for assisting the PFA during the year.

The PFA meet on the third Monday of each month and all parents are welcome. It is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in the school.

We will be at the Year 7 and 8 fish n chip night at the start of 2016, so feel free to approach us if you wish to join. We would love to have you on board!

Julie-Ann Ross

PFA Chairperson