11 Science Microbiology Field Trip

Friday 7th July 2017

A probe into the hidden world of microbes.

Archie examining a sample
Archie examining a sample

Mr Leitch and Mr Avis’s Year 11 science classes have been probing into the hidden world of microbes. To augment our understanding we attended a laboratory session run by Judith Bateup at the University of Otago’s Microbiology Department. At various stations the class learnt about concepts such as electron microscopy, the importance of microbes in food and alcohol production and microbial processes. Stage two of the session involved examination of pond water samples and tooth plaque. This revealed a range of interesting creatures from the dynamic rotifers with their curious duel spinning heads to the slowly pulsating volvox colonies. The students then examined their own microbial flora by staining plaque samples and examining them under a microscope. We would like to thank Judith Bateup and her team for providing this wonderful opportunity to get a deeper insight into the microbial world.

Examining samples