Alarming Proliferation of TLA’s

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Confronting KI’s within an RLS, challenge IBD students to explore relevant WOK’s and AOK’s in IB TOK talks.

I.B. Theory of Knowledge Presentations
I.B. Theory of Knowledge Presentations

Translation? Our 20 Year 13 International Baccalaureate Diploma students deliver a week of thought provoking Theory of Knowledge presentations that identify Knowledge Issues underlying a Real Life Situation of their choice by analysing the different Ways of Knowing that occur in a range of Areas of Knowledge.  Whew!  I guess I understand now why so many TLA’s (Three Letter Abbreviations) – with only 10 minutes allocated to these IB “TED Talks” there is a real time pressure to fit in everything you want to say.  TIK TOK, TIK TOK.

And now that I have a handle on the TOK lingo, I have to really use my brain.  What are the ethics of Saviour Siblings, asks Louis.  To what extent is Germany’s response to the refugee crisis tied to historical guilt, challenges Lochie.  The Fourth Estate gets a solid working over from several different students as they explore the multi-faceted role the media plays in our modern lives, and Jerry and Matt explore the psychology and science behind that damned dress.  Apparently it is actually blue and black.

With potential bonus points at stake here in their two-year journey toward their Diplomas, the quality of these presentations is impressive. And so it should be. With sometimes months of preparation, students draw on their own experiences, and integrate knowledge from all their subjects to explore important topics with often deeply ethical insights.  I have seen less impressive TED talks.

And next up for this band of IB brothers?  Extended essays – a 4000 word research paper on a topic of their own choice.  But that’s another whole article.

(I’m still not convinced about that dress though – everyone knows its actually white and gold!)