Sunday 4th December 2016

Visitors and Contractors

JMC Notices Crest
JMC Notices Crest

John McGlashan College is committed to Health and Safety. We have been reviewing our processes to ensure we have robust systems in place to protect students, staff, visitors and contractors.


Visitors include parents and extended family members, board members and volunteers.

Visitors that are going into the school or the school grounds during the hours of 8.30am and 3.30pm MUST sign in and sign out of the school office. This is important to us so that we know who is on-site in the event of an emergency.

The only exceptions from signing in are for the following days or events:

· Athletics Day

· Cross Country

· Open Days

· Parent-Teacher Interviews

If visitors are just coming to drop something off or pick something up from the school office, they don’t need to sign in or sign out.

We will be starting from 1 February 2017 and hope you are as committed to Health and Safety as we are, and follow this school procedure.


We have also been in the process of reviewing all contractors who are engaged to undertake work for us. It’s important to ensure we all have a high standard of safety and this has involved re-approving our contractors.

As part of this, under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014, those contractors working at John McGlashan College who have (or the potential to have) unsupervised access to students are required to pass a Police vetting check; this is mandatory under the Act.

Contractors will also be required to sign in and sign out during school hours.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Callum Hayde, Director of Business.