2015 Extra! Otago Spelling Winners - Again

Monday 22nd June 2015

Once again our winning spelling team has won the regional spelling competition held at Otago Girl's High 

2015 Extra! Spelling Quiz Winners
2015 Extra! Spelling Quiz Winners

This year we had two Year 10 teams and one Year 9 team enter the quiz to join in with 56 other teams from all around Otago. In Year 10: JMC2 was made up of Charlie Davies, Robbie Baxter and Winston Brinsley and in Year 9: JMC3 included Ben Porter, Patrick Zhang and Nathan Harrison.

Well done to our defending champions: Alex Leckie-Zaharic, Boen Deng and Jaiden Tucker,  who won the Spelling quiz. This team, all from 10MB, were defending their win from 2014. They scored an amazing 95/100.

Congratulations also to Alex Leckie-Zaharic who scored a perfect 100 in his NZ Spelling Bee entry test. We will find out soon if he will be winging his way to the regional finals this year.

2015 Extra! Spelling Competition Yr 9 & 10
Extra! Spelling Contestants Yr 10
Defending the Title - 2015 Yr 9 & 10 Spelling Winners
Extra! Spelling Contestants Yr 9