Year 10 boys learn about their own backyard

Sunday 28th November 2021

A trip to the Otago Peninsula proved to be an outstanding opportunity to learn local history and more.

All year 10 students went to the Pyramids at Victory Beach and listened to stories from multiple sources.

Mr Price shared details on the arrival of Ngāi Tahu to Ōtepoti. He took boys to the very places where historical events took place and passed on the story of his ancestors. 

Mr Jones told recounted early European history including a detailed explanation of how Victory Beach got its name. No doubt a number of boys will be looking for ambergris the next time they go for a stroll along their local beach.

Mr Clark gave a lesson on geology from on top of the pyramids and followed this up with a talk about the relationship between the physical form of Cape Saunders and the diverse collection of animal species that reside there. 

The Pyramids area is a conservation zone that includes reforestation and pest management. A number of local species are endangered and members of DOC gave detail on what is being done to save the Yellow-eyed Penguin.