Monday 2nd November 2015

From 20-23 October, the Year 7 boys took on a range of fun and exciting outdoor activities at Berwick.

The Year 7 boys at Western Hills
The Year 7 boys at Western Hills

The Year 7s went to Berwick Camp in week 2, term 4. We stayed in camp rooms at the Berwick Forest Lodge. Over four days, we participated in lots of exciting and physical activities, which included abseiling, kayaking, cliff-face rescue, high ropes, rock climbing, archery, firearm shooting and many others. The Adventure Masters helped run the activities and we had a great time with them.

One of the highlights at camp included the Mud Run Assault Course. It was amazing and lots of fun, but was also very challenging. We went through mud pools. We were completely submerged underneath muddy water, and had to do sit-ups in the stream. It was very similar to an army assault course.

Another highlight of camp was Pump Ball in the forest, a game designed by Mr Hore. Also known as 'Pump', similar to Capture The Flag Paintball but with tennis balls. The ultimate winners of Pump Ball were Gilray.

On the final night, the solo was held. The solo is when you sit in the forest late at night for a set amount of time, and just sit there and think/listen. The solo was very mesmerising, and a great achievement to get it done.

We would like to give a massive thanks to all the teachers and parents who helped at camp. You were all amazing. We would also like to thank Adventure Masters for setting everything up and leading the activities.

By Mason Prentice, Grayson Westgate and Oscar Sycamore

7Mbe at the flying fox
Gilray House work together to get everyone over the wall at the initiative course
The boys from Balmacewen House at the kayaking
Dan wades back to shore
Reuben wades back to shore after some rafting
The view from Western Hills
Cory and the boys from Gilray House lower Jacob down the abseiling wall in a stretcher
Matt leads the way on the mud run assault course
The army jeep takes the boys to their next activity
Max leads the Ross House charge during pump ball (also called capture the flag)
Gilray House negotiates the spider web at the initiative course
The Year 7 boys at Western Hills
The boys from Balmacewen House on the raft they made.
Max and Aaron exit the army jeep
Mikey on the mud run
Oscar paddles his kayak back to shore
Tama steers his kart towards the pond
7Mbe students practise archery
William paddles back to shore