Sunday 9th August 2015

Year 8 and 9 students show off their investigative scientific skills.

During the first week of the term the year eight and nine students presented their science fair projects to their teachers and classmates. For many this was the culmination of long hours of work dedicated to the cause of satisfying curiosity, discovering something new or finally developing their secret weapon to take over the world. Maybe not that last one but outstanding topic ideas included investigating water quality in the Clutha, analysing natural weedkiller performance, developing streamlined boat hulls and answering the question once of are energy saver light bulbs worth the cost?

The students were interviewed and were expected to explain how they carried out their investigations, the scientific ideas involved and their real world significance. The 16 students listed below were selected to take part in the Otago Science fair and the results of that fair will be published in the next newsletter.

Hamish Sinclair, Aidan Hung, David Cannon, Billy Ellwood, Luka Homersham, Matthew Garry, Ollie Gilmour, Christian Avis, Jedidiah Gilchrist, Bruno Marsh, Will Turner, Hamish Robinson, Alex Dodson, Cade McRae, Olivier Page, Patrick Zhang

Will Turner at Otago Science Fair
Hamish Robinson at the Otago Science Fair