Wednesday 9th March 2022

Congratulations to the JMC Water Skiing team - Jonty Light, Sam Cottier, Charlie Light, Daniel Joint, Stanley McClure, Jonty Riley, Max Simpson, Harry Ollerenshaw, Harry McDonald and James Kinney - winners of the Otago Southland Secondary School Water Skiing Championships.

Sam Cottier
Sam Cottier

Dear Parents,

Kia ora e hoa mahi

‘People First’

So far this year, there has been minimal staff and student absence but in the coming days, staffing levels may be compromised by COVID 19. As a result of this, we may be unable to staff classes appropriately.

Based on the experience of other schools, the quality of curriculum delivery quickly drops away when significant staff absence leads to dual online and classroom programmes operating in tandem. It is probable that larger numbers of students may also be isolating.

So, if we are unable to provide suitable staffing for classes we may revert to distance learning for a day or two.

All remaining staff will be on-site and the college will be open.

Teaching staff will meet in the Chapel at 8.25 am.

The canteen will be shut.

The following message will be sent to you and your son by text and email.

….. ‘Classroom-based programmes will not be available today – all boys will engage via Google classroom as previously advised by their teachers.

All timetabled classes and form times will be online (no truncated timetable).

The roll will be taken in the normal manner.

If staff are absent and unable to teach via Google classroom you will be advised.

Students who cannot be supervised at home should arrive at the Edgar Learning Centre at the normal school start times. You will be allocated a suitable place to undertake your online classes and staff assistance will be available. 

No uniform required - tidy mufti.

If your son is attending school please advise Deputy Principal Nigel Hunter via the link below -

The Boarding Director will inform boarders of their arrangements.’

I am hopeful that this communication helps to streamline any future transition to distance learning.


I am continually impressed with the goodwill and determination of the boys in the classroom and on the sports field. Most afternoons recently, the main ground, cricket nets, corner patch and all-weather surface have been an impressive picture of energy, activity and focus.

Kindest regards

Neil Garry