Thursday 11th June 2020

'...the focus on 'people first' was set early and maintained throughout.'

My sincerest thanks to everyone in the McGlashan community for your support during lockdown. I especially appreciated the constructive, positive manner and great sense of goodwill with which you met every challenge. I want to acknowledge the staff and both Boards for their leadership and commonsense - the focus on 'people first' was set early and maintained throughout.

Several staff changes are worthy of comment. Deputy Principal, John Veitch, will leave at the end of Term 2 to take up his position as Principal at an international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Mrs Anita Veitch will take up a teaching position in the same school. John and Anita have made a significant impact during their time at the College, and we wish them every success in the future.

Following an extensive and exhaustive recruitment process by Sheffield Consultancy, the role of Deputy Principal has been filled by Mr Nigel Hunter, currently the Deputy Principal at Hamilton Boys' High School. Nigel brings a wealth of experience to the position, and I look forward to working with him and welcoming his family into the McGlashan community.

After 35 years of dedicated and loyal service to the College, Mrs Jan Owen has resigned from her position as Principal's PA from the end of this term. Jan's knowledge of 'everyone and everything McGlashan' will be sorely missed, as will her positive and optimistic style.

Mr Bill Aitchison, previously our long-serving Property Supervisor, has been appointed as the Workshop Technician following the retirement of Mr Vic Hodge. We want to thank Vic for his expertise in the workshop and wish him well.

Level 1 is here and it has been 77 days since our last Chapel Service on March 18. We have all enjoyed the online Chapel services and are now looking forward to returning to normal in the coming weeks. Sports practices are underway and the boys are excited about the resumption of competition before the end of the term.

Enrolments are strong for 2021, and we are currently working our way through a large backlog of prospective boarding parent interviews.

There has been a significant re-jig of our school calendar which has resulted in a myriad of changes. You will have been alerted to many of these by email. I urge you to view the updated calendar on the school website to keep abreast of important dates for the remainder of the year.

We began lockdown in early autumn and have emerged in winter.

The boys have been amazing. They fully committed themselves to our distance learning programme and then quickly stepped back into the routines of school life. I salute them for their resilience, determination, and goodwill.

Kindest regards,

Neil Garry