Wednesday 6th February 2019

The boys have started extremely well this year and managed the heat wave during the first few days very well. A warm welcome not just to new parents, but to the ones that have been with us for some time.

We are looking for a very consistent approach at the college this year with teachers being consistent with high expectations from your boys in the classroom, on the stage, at the various sports venues as well as all other places that McGlashan boys perform.

There will be more consistency this year with the weekly grades that are sent out each Friday. We now have a clear grading system that should make the weekly grades something that parents can easily understand and can monitor the boys progress in each subject week to week. Below are the criteria for 2019 and beyond.

5 = An Outstanding Effort

4 = Working above the level that is expected in class

3 = Working at the level that is expected in class

2 = Working below the level that is expected in class

1 = Poor behaviour / Not completing work

This year we will be consistent with punctuality, the standard of uniform, with Sustained Silent Reading after lunch. The use of technology is now becoming a problem for many schools in many countries. Here at John McGlashan, we will be consistent as a staff to make sure that boys are not using phones or the internet inappropriately when the main focus should be their academic work. 

We are very confident that 2019 will be a great year for the boys at John McGlashan College.

John Veitch
Deputy Principal