FROM DR BRENT WISHART (Vaccinations ahead).

Sunday 8th March 2015

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Hello, my name is Dr Brent Wishart and I am the School Medical Officer for John McGlashan College.

Long Jump training was different this year for Jacob Cotton.
Long Jump training was different this year for Jacob Cotton.

It is a great privilege to care for the health of your boys. Please feel free to call me at my surgery on 4776471 if you have any concerns at all.

Sports Injuries

With the winter sports season approaching injury prevention and early treatment of sports injuries is vital. I believe that physiotherapy plays an important part in the relief of symptoms and rehabilitation following any injury. There are excellent sports medicine physios that the boys are able to use. I work closely with physios to aim for a good recovery and to get the boys back on the sports ground as soon as possible.

Flu Vaccination Permission

As the weather cools, the occurrence of viral respiratory infections, such as the common cold and influenza (flu), will increase. The influenza vaccination is a reliable and effective way of preventing a possible influenza outbreak. While it doesn’t guard against common winter colds and sniffles, it is a safe way of protecting ourselves against the severe and very contagious influenza virus. This is particularly important in a communal living environment such as the boarding house; therefore, I strongly recommend that all boys receive their influenza shots that are offered in April.

A question I am often asked is, “Will I catch the flu from the having the influenza vaccination?” The quick answer to that question is, “No”. It is impossible to get influenza from the vaccine. “What side effects are there?” Possible side effects from the influenza vaccine are mild redness and/or a lump at the site of the injection, and a slight chance of a mild temperature for 24 hours.

Where and when will vaccinations take place?

Vaccinations will be given in April 2015, by myself and my practice nurse at the boarding house in the evening.

If you do not wish your son to receive an influenza vaccination then please contact Rosemary before Friday the 17th April 2015, (phone 03 467 6632 or fax on 03 467 6638).


Kind Regards

Brent Wishart, School Medical Officer