Sunday 29th November 2015

Year 10 camp: 8 days of icebergs for breakfast, hill climbs for lunch, pre-cooked sausages for dinner and a generous side order of sun, wind, rain and snow. 

Jack Pacey, Andrew Hughes and Will Paterson enjoying a rest on the way down the hill.
Jack Pacey, Andrew Hughes and Will Paterson enjoying a rest on the way down the hill.

Our last group of Year 10 students returned from camp on Friday 20th. This wrapped up two weeks of back to back 8 day camps, which for many, will be a highlight of their time at the college. Students spent half their time at Huxley lodge at the head of Lake Ohau, and the other half based at Glentanner near Aoraki Mount Cook. 

The three day tramp from Huxley, along with a 1000m vertical climb up 'Mt Mason' in the middle day, proved to be the ultimate challenge for many. In a post camp survey, the majority of students identified this as their biggest challenge on camp. 

The students were then asked to describe one thing they had learnt about themselves on camp.  It's answers like those shown below, that I believe really show the worth of camps like this. 

"That I have a lot of mental stamina"
"I learnt that all I need is the right mentality to be able to push on"
"I learnt that I can cook better than I thought"
"I really am capable of eating eight slices of buttered bread at once"
"That I love the outdoors"
"That I can do it"
"I can push through the tough times"

Students in Year 9 or below would do well to take these pearls of wisdom offered up as advice for future students before they head off on camp.

"Don't give up, just keep charging forward like a bulldozer and plow on."
"Tent with people who are going to sleep, whether they are your closest friends or not. Also, you can't go wrong with a tea brew when it's cold."
"Don't give up"
"Pack wisely don't take more gear than needed, take the right gear"

It is a real privilege sharing this experience with such a wonderful bunch of students. It would not have been possible without the huge collection of staff and parents which gave up their time to help out and make this possible. A huge thank-you to all who did this. As one final challenge I asked the students to summarise their camp experience in one sentence. A selection of these are below.

"Amazing scenery with a great atmosphere"
"The camp for me was interesting, challenging, and exhausting"
"A challenging experience that was enjoyable"
"Camp was good fun, grow stronger friendships and you enjoy yourself"
"There was a lot of walking and eating, and there was a lot of fun with the class"
"Fun, challenging, hard work"
"Amazing experience so much fun, friendships stronger"
"My camp experience was a good way to talk to people I never would have otherwise"
"It was fun and a good experience to get into a totally different environment"
Ben Hall and En Watanabe find inspiration in the sky while Jin Kim fishes for dinner in the background.
Year 10 Camp - 10MB before setting off up the South Temple.
Lachlan Kenneally, Andrew Hughes, Tom Shallard and Mr Brown have a brief rest in the sun on the iceberg.
En Watanabe
En Watanabe, Angus Frew and Marcus Beagley watch on as their peers swim over. Just a little chilly.
AJ Visagie.
Barry Timmings, Josh Stoddard, Ben Wishart (crouching), Boen Deng, Lachlan Kenneally, and Jin Kim enjoy the fire after a day in the snow.  
Josh Stoddard and Sam Engelbrecht staunchly defy the elements. 
Josh Stoddard. Favourite quote: "this would be good training if I were allowed to go faster".
Alex Leckie-Zaharic looks on as Jin Kim munches into an Ice-Burger. Nothing but gourmet food on Year 10 camp.
The master and the apprentice. Aka: Mr Geoff Murdoch helps out Lachlan Kenneally with some calculations to determine the river flow. 
Jin and Alex (10MB) take a break while setting up their accommodation for the night.
Tom Shallard enjoys the view in the snow.
Boen Deng and Ben Wishart dry their socks after a snowy days walk.
Campsite at the South Temple.
Jin Kim fishes for the elusive Monster trout with Aoraki Mt Cook in the background (and a group of supporters).
Sam Engelbrecht is carried in a SAR exercise by classmates. 
Log bridge across the South Temple.
10MB before heading back to the Huxley Lodge on a beautiful morning.
A long walk on a misty snowy morning nears the end.
David Grey cooks up a storm along with Barry Timmings and Tony Gomez - wholesome camp breakfast.
Fishing, sun, views - perfection on Year 10 camp.
Marcus Beagley.
Max Gomez
Jack Pacey, Andrew Hughes and Will Paterson enjoying a rest on the way down the hill.
Johnny Baker has a rinse off after a hot days walk.
Andrew Goh happy to have reached the end of the days journey.
Tom Shallard enjoys the view after racing up the slope to the saddle. 
Tom Shallard and Max Gomez enjoy the view from an unnamed saddle above Red Tarns. 
Andrew Hughes and Johnny Baker discover the water is a little chilly.
Jin Kim, Jack Grey and Angus Frew with the Tasman Glacier in view behind. 
Ben Hall, Lachlan Kenneally are assisted with river flow calculations by Mr Geoff Murdoch.
A lazy afternoon in the sun on the shore of the Hooker Glacier terminal lake looking up to Aoraki Mt Cook. 
Mt Sefton and the Footstool seen from Red Tarns. 
Sam Engelbrecht.
Daniel Clemens had the wet seat, but still had a grin on his (wet) face! 
Dramatic skies as a front moves in. Unfortunately this means rain for pack-up in the morning! 
Jack Pacey arrives at camp.
Jin Kim enjoying breakfast in the company of Andrew Goh.
Blue ice cave on the Tasman Glacier terminal face.
10MB at Kea Point enjoying the view and learning a little about glaciers. 
Max Gomez chills out.
Iceberg on the Hooker Glacier terminal lake. The terminal face of the Hooker Glacier can be seen in the background.
Alex Leckie-Zaharic does a victory dance. En Watanabe to the left, Marcus Beagley to the right and Angus Frew swims to shore and a warm dry top. 
Ben Timmings and Jaiden Tucker grab a 'small' rock to hold the tent guy rope down.
Jed Song, Minsu Kim, Louis Kang and Nick Worathongchai from 10FM enjoy the fine day out.
10FM up Mt Mason enjoying the sunny day out.