Sunday 17th June 2018

Term 2 brought the start of winter sports, such as basketball, football, and rugby. The number of boys getting involved in these activities has been growing exponentially since my first year at McGlashan, and it is a great show of the camaraderie spanning all seven year groups.

 Tom Shallard, Matthew Fokkens, and Andrew Hughes
 Tom Shallard, Matthew Fokkens, and Andrew Hughes

 Many prefects, such as Max Gomez, have generously been giving up their time to help coach the younger boys, while sports prefects Josh Stoddard and Toby Jarvie have been encouraging participation and teamwork by running the house minors competition with ease. 

Among all these extracurricular activities, the prefects have also been promoting working hard during school hours and striving to achieve the best grades that the boys at McGlashan can. We do this by going into separate form classes each Friday morning, giving us a chance to talk to and engage with all the students of the school, and reinforce positive messages, particularly in the younger students. Working hard in and out of the classroom is a key aspect of life at McGlashan, and we try to make it as enjoyable as possible. 

 It is important to acknowledge year 13 student Charlie Gruppelaar for all of his hard work in organising the JMC Formal. Charlie and Mr Jones’ form class brought all of their combined efforts to make sure that the event went off without a hitch, and still manage to enjoy themselves. This effort paid off, and all the students who attended had a thoroughly good time. The formal is often one of the biggest highlights of the year for many Year 12 and 13 students, and it would not be possible without these exceptional young men. 

The prefects have many important events on the horizon. Besides being friendly faces, and occasionally helpful ones too, we are also dedicated to bettering the school and the Dunedin community. Coming up is the Octacan, where many prefects will be involved in delivering cans to the Octagon as a part of a city-wide effort to fill the shelves at Presbyterian Support Otago. Additionally, Ben Timmings and Josh Stoddard are gearing up to run a ’24 hour multi-sport’ event as a fundraiser for Women’s Refuge Otago. Fundraising for these worthy organisations have been a staple part of my time at McGlashan, and I am looking forward to continuing these traditions.