Wednesday 9th September 2015

 Big ups to Cody Clark who is the man behind this newsletter! He has been supported by Reece plus prefects but it’s been his energy that has invited and coerced these contributions. Thanks to all who have contributed. 

Van trip to Puketapu
Van trip to Puketapu

Our boys have completed a mammoth winter sports season. Participation levels by boarders have reached new highs and I’m sure you’ve seen all the reports on McGlashan teams’ successes in the media and school newsletter. Boarders are often the backbone and major contributors to success. 

Cody has co-ordinated reports also from some beginners and good fun teams. The comradeship and commitment in these teams often illustrate what is great about sport too.

 Roll: Balancing our roll is a tricky problem We do have a waiting list of boys looking for an opportunity to join us. PLEASE keep me informed if there is any change of circumstance being considered. Behaviour: I do link this one to the topic above. We’ve had some pretty dumb things happen of late. I’ve not yet met with the Board and so do not know if there is a message of “you’ve gone soft” coming my way. I have made it clear to boys that what one boy received as punishment may not be what another incident may incur. 

Term Break: We finish up on Friday 25th September. All senior rooms need to be emptied for holiday bookings. STORAGE in basements is readily available. Juniors will swap rooms on the Thursday night, a small number will need to empty theirs too for the booking overflow. 

Dining Room Food: Many boys have been very grateful for the work of our Dining Room team over the winter. I think our level of service has continued to improve. Do you get good feedback? 

Swimming Sports and fete are just around the corner. I look forward to seeing many of you there. Best wishes, enjoy our young reporters articles.

best wishes,