What is the Story With the Head Boy's Chair?

Thursday 9th March 2023

The Chaplain's Log

On the chapel stage sits the Head Boy's chair.  

Image by: Andrew Nicol

The chair had been gifted to Highgate Presbyterian church by the Misses McGlashan sisters, Margaret and Agnes, in 1905 (you can just see it to the right of the photo at the top).  They were founding members of the congregation. 

Image by: Andrew Nicol

During a Chapel service on the 4th of May 2018, our centennial year, Rev Geoff Skilton presented the chair to the Head Boy at the time, Andrew Hughes. It was decided that this would become the head boy’s chair. It remains as a symbol of the mana associated with serving the school in this role.  Accordingly, the chair is also intended to inspire boys to take their place as leaders in our community.  

Near the start of each year the story is retold and the head boy shown his name inscribed on the back. He is installed and prayed for in his role as student leader. 

This year our chapel prefect Rylan Urquhart led us as we prayed for Marco Hartono, the head boy for 2023.  We thank God for the integrity, character and sense of service that Marco brings to his role as he also takes his place in a fantastic team of young men leading our school.