Mountain bikers manage Naseby challenge

Sunday 30th May 2021

The two Year 11 PE classes had an excellent mountain biking camp in Naseby last week as they worked towards three NCEA achievement standards.

The focus for the camp was risk management and ensuring that we all kept safe while undertaking a 'risky' outdoor activity. It was great to see the boys working together, challenging themselves and assisting others to have a safe and enjoyable experience. While there was the odd 'over the handle bar' incident we had good quality of survival overall. 

 The boys did a number of rides around the Naseby forest, completed a time trial and also assisted with the creation of some new mountain biking tracks. This is a community service aspect that we started three years ago and we hope to continue in the future as we support the local track builders.

A huge thank you must go to the parents and staff who assisted with the camp and also to the school kitchen who organised all of our food. Everything ran smoothly and we were kept well fueled for our mountain biking exploits. The boys persevered in their riding, were helpful around the camp and were uncomplaining, even when a snowfall on their tents gave the camp a distinctly wintery feel. Mr Casey and Mr McDonald look forward to working with the boys as they complete their write-up for the camp assessment and continue with their physical education studies.