Inkster of the Week: Martin Brook

Tuesday 9th August 2022

Martin Brook wrote a selection of six line poems that have been compiled here for this week's 'Inkster of the Week' selection.

Speak in rhymes

Speak in rhymes

The wise man chimes

A key to memory

For much is found

In jovial sound

Of flowing poetry

Who lives by the sword

Who lives by the sword

Dies by the sword

I tell you this, my son

That you at least

Could seek for peace

Your life is not yet done

Listen, listen

Listen, listen

Though wisdom’s glisten

May indeed be hidden deep

Yes, sir

And after

I’ll find the peace to sleep

Speak for the mute

Speak for the mute

And all destitute

For when justice is done

Then there can be peace

With joy beneath

And the battle by good can be won