Thursday 24th February 2022

By the end of next week, we will be halfway through the term. Students are enjoying the rhythm of their curriculum work. Classes are settled and productive.

Alex Riach and Peter Choi in the Library at lunchtime.
Alex Riach and Peter Choi in the Library at lunchtime.

COVID update - Further to my communication on Saturday, attached is a flowchart that will guide you if you are unwell or come into contact with Covid.

Image by: Nigel Hunter

You will probably be aware of the government’s announcement that New Zealand has moved into Phase 3 of the Omicron response from 11:59 pm Thursday 24 February. In Phase 3, only household contacts of confirmed cases are required to self-isolate. The isolation period will be ten days. All other contacts of COVID-positive cases are not required to isolate, but they will need to monitor for symptoms. Rapid antigen tests will become the primary method of testing. This decision is based on public health advice – the high vaccination rate across the country will do its job in protecting us from transmission during the next surge of cases.

Boarding Director, Drew Campbell, will notify parents directly of any variation in boarding house residential protocols.

The situation will continue to change quite rapidly, but the college will keep pace with the latest requirements in partnership with the parent body. Please contact us if you require any advice or assistance.

The first fortnightly grades and attendance information will be emailed to parents next Friday. Parent interviews for Year 7-10 will be held by Zoom on 17 March and Year 11-13 interviews on 14 April. More information will follow.

Congratulations to our Scholars’ Award recipients. On Wednesday morning, we held an outdoor presentation ceremony on the sports ground. As we gathered, the sun shone and the piper played. Although we were distanced, the scholars were honoured suitably for their achievements.

Image by: Tony Gomez
Image by: Tony Gomez

Excellence endorsed Level 1 requires a minimum of 50 Level 1 Excellence credits. This year’s recipients are;

James Arlidge, Sebastian Ferro, Eli Gepte, Ethan Leitch, William Macpherson, Hunter McGregor, Mac Perkins, Thomas Rasmussen, Henry Scott.

Image by: Tony Gomez

Excellence endorsed Level 2 requires a minimum of 50 Level 2 Excellence credits, or the equivalent in the International Baccalaureate. This year’s recipients are;

Ian Audas, Michael Buttery, Xavier Edmond, Nick Friedlander, Kevin Geng, Sheon Luxmanan, Stanley McClure, Angus McMillan, Samuel Porter, Sam Sinclair, Finlay Tomkins, Gary Yao.

Scholar’s tie - recipients of Scholar’s ties have demonstrated that they are an expert in most of their subjects. They have gained Excellence endorsement in at least three of their subjects, as well as gaining Excellence endorsement in their respective level of NCEA.

This year’s recipients are; Callum Binns, Harold Gao, Samuel Gradwell, Theo Hannagan, Solomon Harcombe, Jack Hazlett, Sam Johnston, Millar McElrea, Hamish McIntyre, Michael Rietveld.

Image by: Tony Gomez

100 Club - to be recognised at this level boys must have met the Excellence endorsement criteria in at least four of their subjects at NCEA Level 1.

The recipients are;

Luke Brown, Joshua Chagnon, Tom Dyer, Marco Hartono, Nicholas Hinton, Jack Howley, John Mengel, Jed Nevill, Alex Seaton.

Image by: Kirstyn Mawdsley

200 Club - similar to the 100 Club, boys in this group must meet the Excellence endorsement criteria in at least four of their subjects at NCEA Level 2, or the equivalent in the International Baccalaureate.

The recipients are; Timothy Bradfield, Martin Brook, Zac Duff, Ray Ma, Jack Murphy, Samuel Porter, Lukas Pietsch, John Zhao.

Image by: Kirstyn Mawdsley

Tony Sycamore, Chairman of the Board of Proprietors, has resigned after 12 years of dedicated and loyal service to both the Board of Proprietors and the Board of Trustees. We thank him for his tireless commitment to the college and to our boys.

The Board of Proprietors AGM was held on Tuesday evening and I am pleased to announce that Simon Anderson was elected as the new chairman. The ongoing strength of the college's governance is its focus on providing the very best opportunities for every boy.

If you have any general concerns or accolades for that matter, please contact your son’s form teacher.

Kindest regards

Neil Garry