Gumboot Friday // "Arty Farty Boots" Silent Auction

Tuesday 15th November 2022

Bid on a pair of display gumboots and support an important cause - Gumboot Friday!

Gumboot Friday is a charity committed to raising funds for FREE and timely counselling to the youth of NZ. This year JMC Drama has collaborated with 'Project Hope and Beyond' to back this charity. We have an awesome lineup of display gumboots recently painted and ready for auction! 

These gumboots ain't for wearing, they are pure art! Check out some of the beautiful creations of 7BDE up for grabs. 

Image by: Reva Grills

There are all sorts to do with these beauties - display them in your home or garden, make them into pot plants, or use them as a fancy doorstop!

Behind the Scenes of 7BDE's gumboot creations! — Image by: Reva Grills

If you'd like to make a bid fill out the form at this link:

Bidding closes Friday, 25th of November at 3 PM.

All proceeds will go straight to Gumboot Friday.