Rescue Mission: Ross Creek Reservoir

Sunday 3rd April 2022

Operation Seedling Rescue: Mostly native seedlings were growing in one of the concrete channels up at Ross Creek which is due to be repaired in two weeks. It seemed a shame for these seedlings to go to waste!

Native Seedlings Rescue Mission
Native Seedlings Rescue Mission

It was recently announced that the Ross Creek Reservoir will be undergoing some dam maintenance in the next few weeks. The team at the Town Belt Kaitiaki put the call out to anyone who would be interested in rescue any of these native plants.  James Arlidge, Marco Hartono, Lukas Pietsch, Jack Howley, and Joshua Chagnon all answered the call.

Rescued Plants — Image by: Brendan Porter

On a beautiful Sunday morning, the IBDP students met representatives from the Dunedin City Council, Town Belt Kaitiaki and OpenVUE at the reservoir.  It was not long before that they found flaxes, grasses, ferns, and shrubs to be relocated to a new home.  The exact classifications for the findings were not known at the time.  All of these rescued natives will be re-planted around school to add to the overall environment.

Thank you to Aalbert Rebergen, Maureen Howard, Clare Cross, and the support of the Dunedin City Council, Town Belt Kaitiaki and OpenVUE respectively.

Native Seedlings Rescue Mission