Wednesday 14th June 2023

It's time to start thinking about scholarships and doing your research!

  • Scholarships can be awarded by universities, or private companies and organisations.
  • Some scholarships have already opened.
  • University scholarships usually open JULY 1 and shut AUGUST 15.
  • Private organisations have scholarships that open and close at varying times of the year, and into next year.

Check our our tips and resources on the school careerwise page: 

You will be able to access:

  • Money Hub scholarship guide to start researching which scholarships you might be eligible for.
  • GivMe database (JMC has a paid subscription) via the scholarship page. This allows you to enter information about yourself and course of study and it creates a list of scholarships for you.
  • Links to the university scholarship databases.
  • A spreadsheet template to help you make a list of the scholarships you wish to apply for, opening and closing dates, and what you need to provide so you can track your progress.