Wednesday 14th April 2021

The focus for the start of the year is all about getting to know the school, each other, and how things work at McGlashan. It is also all about the Rail Trail.

Rail Trail 2021 - Between the tunnels
Rail Trail 2021 - Between the tunnels

In week 4, two groups of students (9DOS/9RAL and 9DSM/9CBD) undertook a challenge that has become one of the great rights of passage of a McGlashan Student - the two-day ride of the Otago Central Rail Trail.

This year we had fabulous weather all week and the staff and students were supported by both exceptional Y13 senior leaders and highly skilled parents. Without the support of these people and their willingness to give up their time, it would be impossible for an event like this to take place. The same gratitude goes to the group of staff that accompany the boys on this trek. It is very much appreciated. 

This camp is all about challenges, in many different ways. For some, this is a physical challenge and they quickly set 'personal bests' on day one for their longest cycling effort. For others, it is the challenge of learning how best to use your skills to support others. It can be a mental challenge, even for the fittest riders, as the trail seems never-ending at times, as does the steady uphill incline. The part that is enjoyable for everyone is the satisfaction when the finish line is crossed.

We were lucky enough to have Daniel O'Brien come along for the camp and as he was injured and unable to ride he spent his time capturing the event on film. I would like to leave you with his images of the Otago Central Rail Trail 2021.

Rail Trail 2021 - It's not all about the biking
Rail Trail 2021 - The breakfast crew
Rail Trail 2021 - Tiger Hill
Rail Trail 2021 - Between the tunnels
Rail Trail 2021 - Oturehua lunch
Rail Trail 2021 - Omakau Lunch
Rail Trail 2021 - Omakau set up
Rail Trail 2021 - Omakau set up
Rail Trail 2021 - Setting off for the last day
Rail Trail 2021 - DONE!
RAIL TRAIL Reflection 2021