Sunday 26th February 2017

Keys to Success

John McGlashan College 2017
John McGlashan College 2017

As we head into our 99th year, with just 11 months until our Centenary celebrations, the College is enjoying an unprecedented bubble of success in every aspect of school life, especially academic achievement. But, before we start congratulating ourselves too much, we need to take stock of the factors which I believe contribute to this success.

Above all, McGlashan boys are keen to learn. Why is this?

· The quality of the teaching and the skill of the staff.

· The promotion of collaborative learning, which fits with the way boys learn.

· Intellectually safe classes where questioning is encouraged and ‘getting it wrong’ is part of the learning process.

· The Peer Tutoring model in which McGlashan students find value and support in teaching each other.

· Big picture thinking which inspires a more inclusive perspective and more empathy for others.

· A school culture where innovation and creativity are key factors in a vibrant classroom environment.

· Strong leadership opportunities at all levels as part of our general expectations.

· Structured goal setting which consolidates the vision each student has for his future.

These qualities also go a long way in providing an optimum setting for learning in the broader sense, where boys learn not only to strive for academic success, but also to get along in the world.

In this newsletter, you will find accounts of academic success, resilience on the rail trail, enthusiasm for school life and participation in all school activities such as the Athletic Sports.  You will also see that our new Agribusiness programme is off to a fantastic start, due in large part to the critical preliminary work carried out over many hours by Dr. Craig Preston.

New Staff

I would like to warmly welcome four new members of staff who add a wealth of experience to the McGlashan team.

Ms Michele Rodger who returns from maternity leave as Head of Department, Year 7 and 8.

Ms Samantha Montgomerie – part time English teacher

Mr Jonathan Kim – long term reliever in Science

Mrs Ruth North – part time Library Assistant

Appointment of Boarding Director

On behalf of the Board of Proprietors I am very pleased to confirm the appointment of Mr Andrew Campbell to the position of Boarding Director.

Andrew has proven himself previously as a housemaster at John McGlashan College and is currently Assistant Principal at Bayfield High School. We look forward to the energy, enthusiasm and practical experience he will bring to the position.

Andrew will begin formally on the 20th of March while Mr Murray Munro will remain in support until May 1st to ensure a smooth transition.

We warmly welcome Andrew, his wife Hanna and their two children to the McGlashan family.

I am particularly proud that our parent group plays such an active role in the McGlashan community and I would like to invite all new parents and caregivers to join the Parents and Friends Association as a way of making new friends and supporting the College. Chairperson Julie-Ann Ross has included an article in this newsletter describing the vital work they do.  Give her a ring. 

So, the scene is set for another fantastic year. As I say to the boys … “Let’s get out there and get into it!”

Warmest regards,

Neil Garry